Last week, TMZ Sports unearthed a bunch of legal documents that revealed Ray Allen had filed a restraining order against a Florida man and accused him of catfishing him by pretending to be multiple women online. Allen also reportedly accused the man of threatening to post his personal information online, and he denied a series of claims made by the man, who filed a restraining order of his own against Allen and accused the former NBA star of stalking him.

Since then, the story involving Allen and the alleged catfisher, who has been identified as Bryant Coleman, has taken a series of bizarre twists and turns. Coleman responded to the TMZ Sports report by shooting down Allen’s original catfishing accusations and saying that he had been involved in a romantic relationship with Allen for several years. He also accused Allen of directing "violent threats and false accusations" at him. Allen then responded to those comments as "crazy" through his lawyer before saying that he had never been in any kind of relationship with Coleman. That led to a brief back-and-forth between the two sides, and now, it has led to Coleman accusing Allen of threatening him and even suggesting Allen might be out to kill him.

According to the latest court documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Coleman obtained a temporary restraining order against Allen back on Nov. 6 after claiming that Allen called him in September and told him he wanted to "ensure that I went away and never opened my mouth again." Coleman also accused Allen of sending people to spy on him and said he was approached by a man at a grocery store in October who told him to watch his back. Additionally, Coleman claimed he received a strange phone call from someone who threatened to strangle him, and he believes Allen was behind it.

Allen and his lawyers continue to stick to their original story, and in an interview with TMZ Sports, one of the lawyers referred to Coleman as "deranged" and said everything he has accused Allen of doing is made up. The lawyer told TMZ Sports that Allen has never met Coleman and that "Coleman is the stalker here who is obsessed with Ray."

At this point, it’s getting difficult to keep up with all of the accusations that are flying around with regards to this story. But if we’ve learned anything from it so far, it’s that there are definitely going to be some other crazy details to come out of it. Regardless of how it ends, Allen is probably going to be a lot more careful when he chats with random people online from now on. He already has a checkered past when it comes to using the internet, and this whole situation is only making it that much worse.