Jerry Jones, the powerful owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is probably keenly aware of the fact that some NFL fans would curse him out if given the chance.

Jones, after all, once made inappropriate racial comments, told his team they would be benched if they refused to stand for the National Anthem, and said that he wishes there were more people like Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, who recently put his team up for sale amid workplace misconduct allegations, in the world. However, Jones decided to take the high road and shake the hands of screaming fans during the Cowboys' win over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday night. In the video below, you can see Jones calmly speaking with several fans while other fans shout obscenities and stick their middle fingers up at him in the background.

"F*ck you, Jerry! F*ck you, Jerry!" a Raiders fan yells in the video, while holding up his middle finger.

Jones acknowledges the boos and profanities directed his way and continues to shake hands anyway. Ultimately, Jones is a billionaire and his team walked away with the win. A little profanity never hurt anyone.