2017 is almost over, and you know what that means, right? Millions of Americans piling into gyms over the course of the next few weeks trying to live up to those lofty "Lose weight!" New Year’s resolutions that are right around the corner.

If you plan on being one of those people and you want to actually stick to your goal, then you should check out what Lakers superfan Chris Huerta has been able to do over the last year and a half. Shortly after Kobe Bryant played his final NBA game, Huerta committed himself to losing weight. A serious amount of weight. And since then, he says he’s channeled his inner #MambaMentality each and every day in order to shed about 170 pounds total.

Huerta shared his accomplishment with the world on Monday, just hours before Kobe’s jerseys were retired at the Staples Center. He credited Kobe with helping him to become a healthier person.

As of right now, Kobe hasn’t responded to Huerta’s tweet about his drastic weight loss, but others within the Lakers organization have. John Ireland, the ESPN radio voice of the Lakers, congratulated Huerta on losing so much weight.

Lakers team president Jeanie Buss did, too.

And at one point on Monday, even Freddie Prinze Jr. chimed in with a congratulatory message for Huerta.

Freddie Prinze Jr. response > Kobe response, right?

It doesn’t sound like Huerta is done dropping the pounds, either. Just last week, he said that while losing 170 pounds is nice, losing 180 would be even better.

That’s that #MambaMentality for real.