When it comes to the 'One Chip Challenge,' some people handle it with grace and dignity (see: Al Roker) and some people can't (see: this news anchor). You can put Shaq in the latter category as he proved on Thursday night when he put one of those Paqui Carolina Reaper Chips in his mouth and promptly lost his shit.

As you can see, Shaq preceded the challenge by confidently betting fellow analyst Charles Barkley $20 that he could down the over-packaged chip without even making a face during a Facebook Live session of Inside the NBA. "Y’all must not know what fraternity I’m in," he said as he chewed. "Omega Psi Phi till we die. This is nothing to me."


Afterward he also volunteered to donate $50k to a charity chosen by Barkley if Chuck would eat just one chip. It was an offer that was declined. In addition to Shaq's reaction, Barkley's refusal to eat the chip should give you just some idea of how hot this damn thing is.

Makes for good TV though, no doubt. Check it out above.