O.J. Simpson was released less than two months ago, and people are already trying to get their hands into his pockets. 

According to TMZ, Fred Goldman, the father of Ron, the man who was killed along with Nicole Brown Simpson at her home in 1994, wants to get O.J. in front of a judge immediately because he claims the former NFL player is already getting money that should be given to the Goldman and Brown families. However, the earliest date for a hearing is July 3, 2018, which isn't what Goldman wants to hear because he believes Simpson "could flood the market with sports memorabilia" and will "try to keep all the money for himself." 

While making a profit off memorabilia is a concern for Goldman, Simpson can lean on the rumored $600,000 NFL pension he received for his 11 years in the league. Plus, O.J. asserts that the secret autograph session he held in October was a one-time thing, adding that he's received plenty of offers to make some serious money, but he's rejected all but one of them. Since his release from prison, O.J. says he's still trying to "readjust to civilian life."

TMZ is reporting that Goldman filed court documents that would allocate any money Simpson made from anything from interviews to show appearances to presentations to help pay the $70 million wrongful death judgment he owes them.