O.J. Simpson was granted parole on Thursday after serving nine years at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada on kidnapping and robbery charges. When Simpson is released from prison—perhaps as early as October—he could have as much as $600,000 waiting for him. According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, that six-figure amount was the money he accumulated while behind bars thanks to his NFL pension, which is protected by state law. Therefore, it cannot be touched by the families of Nicole Brown Simpson or Ronald L. Goldman, to whom Simpson owes around $58 million due to a civil suit judgment. 

Rovell broke down how he came up with the $600K figure: by determining that any player who played before 1982 would receive a pension credit of $250 every month for each season they were in the league. Since O.J. spent 11 seasons in the NFL, his monthly dollar amount is multiplied by 11, making it $2,750. 

Following a settlement in 2011, an additional $124 per month per season was tacked on for any player who played before 1975 while $108 was added on for any year played after that. Taking into account that Simpson played from 1969 to 1979, it means that he should make another $1,284. Combining those two amounts, O.J. should be receiving $4,034 a month. 

The timing of when Simpson decided to start taking money out of his pension also greatly impacts his overall haul. If he did it at 55, O.J. would have made $423,570 for his 105 months in jail. However, if he waited until the age of 65, his pension would be bumped up 2.619 times to $10,656 every month. After 57 months behind bars, O.J. would make $602,205.