At some point over the past few days you have probably wondered what Master P's take on the whole Donald Trump/Lavar Ball feud is. Perhaps even several times. Luckily, TMZ has you covered.

As is the custom, the gossip/news outlet caught up with the rapper/businessman at LAX, where he was asked about that nutty and otherwise completely useless interview that CNN's Chris Cuomo conducted with LaVar this past Monday and papa Ball's refusal to thank 45 for helping with his son's small international incident.

From there Master P, a fellow D1 b-ball parent, said that he would tell LaVar to show gratitude, and also give thanks that his kid is back in the states.

You can check out his full answer above. 

For those blissfully unaware, LaVar is being criticized/praised (which is almost entirely dependent on one's politics) for not thanking Trump after the president claims he is the reason that middle-Ball child LiAngelo isn't in a Chinese prison for stealing a few things a couple of weeks ago.

Thankfully Master P cleared it all up for us. Hopefully he didn't miss his flight talking about this, of all things.