Everybody loves 90s jerseys now.

Nostalgia has looked favorably on the cartoonish ridiculousness of many jerseys from the 1990s. They are popular thanks to a general wave of  nostalgia, and brands like Mitchell & Ness deal almost exclusively with throwback jerseys. If you’re a sports fan, chances are you or someone you know owns at least one.

Several such jerseys are more widespread and popular than they were even while they were being worn—Vince Carter Raptors jersey is a popular one at music festivals.

Other 90s jerseys, however, have fallen by the wayside. Some haven’t been used in a while, others aren’t sold online and a lawsuit even held up one logo on this list from production. So these aren't the throwbacks you see people wearing. These are jerseys that you probably forgot about, or in some cases didn't even know existed.

But it’s time that they got some recognition. Here are 11 '90s jerseys that deserve a comeback, in no particular order.