Golden State Warriors star point guard Steph Curry let his emotions get the best of him when a referee didn't call a foul in his favor during the final moments of Saturday's game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Curry became so upset over the lack of whistle that he flung his mouthguard in the direction of an official. Steph was immediately ejected from the contest. 

On Monday, Curry received a $50,000 fine from the NBA, but will not be suspended, regardless of how much Warriors head coach Steve Kerr sarcastically lobbied for the league to throw the book at him. "I think he should be suspended eight, maybe 10 games. It was egregious. It was awful," Kerr told reporters. "It was a danger to thousands of people in the stands."

For most people, Steph's $50,000 fine would be a detrimental blow to our finances. However, it's just a small chunk of change for Curry, who officially signed a five-year, $201 million contract with Golden State on July 1. Andre Iguodala​ was also reportedly fined for yelling at an official. 

If the NBA is going to continue to believe that a $50,000 fine is a suitable punishment for a player who throws his mouthguard at an official, then referees around the league should be put on notice: Steph will probably do this again in a fit of rage. When the league comes down with the same old punishment, Curry isn't going to care because what's 50 stacks to someone who signed a supermax?