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Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone Sunday, potentially ending his (and his team's) season. Around the same time, it was announced that Colin Kaepernick had filed a grievance against NFL owners, accusing them of colluding to keep him out of the league.

Is it possible that these two concurrent storylines will intertwine with Green Bay signing the currently unemployed 29-year-old QB? No, probably not. But that hasn't stopped a group of optimistic fans (of both the Packers and of Kap) from filling out a petition asking the team to ink him to a deal. In fact, that request was created by California-based Packers fan Tracey Corder, who wrote:

Aaron Rodgers is possibly out for the rest of the season but there's a Wisconsin-born QB who should be on our team! Lets makes sure the organization know we support Kaepernick to the Packers! 

Thus far, it has a little over 12,000 signatures, meaning it's knocked off more than 80 percent of its goal of 15,000. (Though if you click the link, it probably has more since those petition signatures rack up quicker than we can type and publish.)

Anyway, it would undoubtedly make a good story for the Milwaukee native who grew up a fan of the Packers:

Or at least it would, if Head Coach Mike McCarthy hadn't already made it pretty clear that he wasn't interested in signing the lightning rod free agent. Instead, the Packers' head coach is standing behind second-year man Brett Hundley as the team's QB (who really can't be judged much based on a sample size of less than 50 career passing attempts). McCarthy said as much to a reporter who dared to ask if the organization might sign Kaepernick following Rodgers' season-derailing injury:

Hmmm... sounds like 15,000 signatures won't do jack.