On this past Sunday afternoon, during what Fox calls "America's Game of the Week," Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers drove his team 75 yards downfield in just over a minute (with just over a minute left) to beat the Cowboys 35-31. To lose in such a fashion was probably pretty mentally painful for the thousands of Dallas fans in the stands, and millions watching at home, who now find their favorite team sitting at 2-3. But it was literally painful for some dumbass in Florida (of course), who lit himself on fire after Green Bay's win caused him to lose a bet to his wife.

For those of you who need details, a man in Vero Beach lost a wager to his spouse wherein the defeated party had to burn the jersey of the squad who took the L. For whatever reason, 27-year-old Timothy Silyers (the bet's loser) ignited his Cowboys jersey while he was still wearing it, which left him with second-degree burns on his back and third-degree burns on his right arm and hand.

Silyers told deputies at the hospital that he was drunk at the time.

"He was set on fire after losing a bet on the Cowboys game … skin was hanging off his arm and back," said a witness. After Silyers was set ablaze, his wife and family members teamed up to tear the jersey off of him before transporting his partially charred body to the hospital. Investigators have decided not to pursue charges, with a local police lieutenant telling the New York Post that the absurd mishap was a "consensual bet between two people who were admittedly intoxicated."

Still, sounds like a house to drive by on occasion in the future. Especially on Sundays.