The Phoenix Suns' 2017-18 campaign has gotten off to an incredibly rocky start. The Suns suffered the worst season-opening loss in NBA history when they fell to the Portland Trail Blazers, 124-76. On Saturday, Phoenix's record fell to 0-3 following a 130-88 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. However, their poor performance on the court may have been overshadowed by the inexplicable behavior of rookie forward Josh Jackson who pretended to pull the trigger in the direction of a fan before saying, "Fuck you," as he made his way to the bench. 

With the Suns parting ways with their head coach Earl Watson and quickly settling into the league's cellar, Eric Bledsoe posted a cryptic tweet, saying, "I Dont wanna be here."

Is this Bledsoe's way of expressing his dissatisfaction with being a member of the Suns? Is this his way of requesting a trade? If Bledsoe wants out of Phoenix, his former Los Angeles Clippers teammate DeAndre Jordan may have hinted that the team would welcome him back with open arms.

With solid point guard options in Mike James and Tyler Ulis currently sitting on the bench, the Suns should, at least, listen to what teams are willing to offer for Bledsoe. Phoenix has some promising pieces to build their organization around, but these players are young and need some time to develop. 

At 27, Bledsoe is entering the prime years of his career and doesn't have the patience to wait and see if this nucleus of young players will turn into something special. It could be in the Suns' best interest to shop him around and see what they can get out of him.

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