There's been a lot of fallout over Kevin Durant's undoubtedly obvious social media gaffe that caused a stir on Monday. You know, the one where he failed to switch Twitter accounts before defending his move to Golden State, ripping his ex-Thunder teammates and coach in the process?

Yeah, that. It's going to be awhile before people stop bringing that up.

In fact, just a day after one of those ex-teammates, Enes Kanter, very obviously sub-tweeted Durant, ex-NBA vet turned analyst Stephen Jackson, who's never been shy about speaking his mind, lit into the Finals MVP on ESPN's Wednesday airing of The Jump. 


In fact, Jackson compared Durant to one of those obnoxious-ass Twitter egg accounts that bicker back-and-forth over mindless BS on the platform all day (ouch). "Kevin Durant, I look at you now as I look at everybody else on Twitter and Instagram that has a little egg avatar," Jackson said. "You are that person now. You cannot be excluded from that.

"Who creates a fake page? I’m the person, if I want to respond to someone on social media, it has to come from my page with a verified check on it," Jackson continued. "He’s an egg avatar now. I have no respect for him. Don’t do that."

After pushback from host Rachel Nichols, Jackson did expound upon that a bit by saying that he doesn't have a problem with Durant's occasional propensity to "clap back" at his online detractors, but that he had an issue with Durant trying to do it from an anonymous account.

As for KD, while he apologized for the messages, and added that he hasn't slept for two days due to their contents, he also denied that he has a secret Twitter. Read those tweets again (if you even have to) and decide if you believe that.

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