Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid has all the makings of a future MVP, but he's already reached an MVP, maybe even Hall of Fame, levels when it comes to social media. On Monday, speculation grew about a secret social media account used by Kevin Durant to defend himself. So, in classic Embiid fashion, The Process fired off a scalding hot take on Twitter and included Durant's rumored secret account in the tweet. 

Whether @QuireSultan belongs to Durant or not, Embiid's tweet elicited plenty of responses out of the much talked about account. 

Who knew that one harmless tweet could get someone so riled up? The Process knew exactly what he was doing because he's been excelling at this social media thing for quite some time. Give it a little bit of time, KD, er, @QuireSultan. You're still less than 20 tweets in the game.