As we previously said, Lonzo Ball appears to be taking this rap thing seriously, at least at the moment (though the same could probably be said in the past for Kobe, Allen Iverson, LeBron, etc.). On Thursday, he continued his commitment to hip-hop by dropping a new single onto SoundCloud which appears to be under the impression that, if you say "Zo2" enough, people might actually dish out $495 for them. Only time will tell if it works.

Feel free to give it a listen below:

Damian Lillard, time to panic?


If the song sounds familiar, it's probably because you heard it in the background of a Slam exclusive that revealed a design for the BBB Zo2 Prime. Seems to be a pattern there:

Anyway, would love to see the table's reversed and hear Nas's take on this. Though it's still unclear if the hip-hop legend is aware of who Ball is or not. Wouldn't expect this track to change that.

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