Great music is timeless, and that's a big reason why so many hip hop and sports fans have crushed Lonzo Ball for recent comments he made about Nas. The Queensbridge legend is responsible for some of the greatest music in the history of rap, so a teenager calling him irrelevant doesn't sit well with a lot of longtime fans—including the BasedGod himself.

But while Ball is busy weighing in on who is and isn't relevant, Nas is apparently... not knowing Ball exists? At least that's what his manager, Anthony Saleh, is claiming on social media.

Saleh went even further, letting the insults fly at a rookie—and fellow L.A. guy—who has yet to suit up in an official NBA game yet.

Claiming ignorance of one of the most talked about rookies in all of sports is sort of odd, but then again, so is calling one of the greatest rappers of all-time irrelevant. Since Nas himself hasn't come out and addressed the controversy, but coming from Saleh, this is about as close to his word as you're going to get.

He's not the only member of the hip-hop community weighing in. TI caught wind of Ball's comments and was incensed, attacking the Lakers guard for not showing Nas the respect he has earned over decades in the game.

There's probably a bit of truth to both sides here. Ball is 19 years old, born over three years after Illmatic dropped. As great as Nas' catalog is, he hasn't put out a full-fledged project since 2012, while artists like Future and Migos (both of whom got shout outs from Ball) continue to steadily drop music of their own and feature on damn near everybody's albums. At the same time, Ball could show a little more respect for one of the greats, whose work continues to resonate regardless of how long ago it dropped.

In any case, this is just one more thing basketball fans will hold against Ball if he doesn't take the league by storm in his rookie year. He and his family have angered a lot of people in 2017, and for his sake, he better pile up some W's in a Lakers uniform, or he's never going to hear the end of it.