In news that would have been a lot more exciting 5-10 years ago, but remains relevant for those of you/us that like to see future Hall of Famers possibly join our favorite teams, Dwyane Wade could reportedly end up with one of the two teams in Los Angeles or--once again--with the Heat, if the Chicago Bulls were to buy out his current contract at some point this year. The buyout was said to be "inevitable" by ESPN NBA reporter Nick Friedell back in August.

This most recent report came from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, who himself was citing an associate of Wade's who had relayed accurate information to Jackson in the past.

A previous hypothetical destination for Wade this season had him re-teaming up with LeBron James, though this time he'd be trading in Miami's sunny beaches for the much colder climate of Cleveland.

As was mentioned earlier, there still remains the tiny matter of being under contract with the Bulls. Neither head coach Fred Hoiberg, or GM Gar Foreman, has given any indication that they'll go through with a buyout. But it would seem to be a natural conclusion for a rebuilding team who has a 35-year-old veteran (who reportedly doesn't jive with the younger players, by the way) under contract for $24 million.

Stay tuned to see how this all plays out.