Not that I would condone home invasions of any sort, but if you were trying to select a house to rob, selecting one with owners who couldn't rip your limbs off would probably be high on the priority list. Nobody ever said criminals were all that smart, though, and a group of would-be thieves found out the hard way what happens when you mess with the likes of Ronda Rousey.

Rousey was a guest on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Wednesday, and while she was telling the story of her engagement to UFC fighter Travis Browne, she revealed that the whole process was interrupted by a robbery at her home.

"He was going to sneak away and go ask my mom for permission, and then right when we got to the house we realized we were robbed," Rousey said. "Someone had been squatting in my house for like three days, sleeping in my bed. Stole my Olympic ring, stole my guns, all my precious jewelry, every headphone in the house, credit cards."

But if you thought a pair of UFC fighters would take this injustice laying down, think again. After pulling up footage on their home security system, Rousey said they identified the robbers as skaters. And Rousey said justice was served when they made their way down to a local skate park.

"My man's 6-foot-7, he's like 260, he beelines it straight to the skateboard park, finds the guys right away. He's smart enough to not, you know," she said as she mimicked a punch into her open palm. "We'll get sued pretty hard, so he found the police right then and they caught them...I wish five minutes with me was a sentence, but I think that would go under cruel and unusual punishment."

These geniuses hit the equivalent of stupid criminal bingo. Robbing someone with a home security system? Check. Robbing someone who could break your arm in half? Check. Robbing someone with a spouse who could hurt you just as badly? You bet! Rousey's star may have fallen on the fight circuit, but don't get it twisted, she is a genuine badass and someone the average person would not want to deal with in a dark alley.

You can watch Rousey's Live with Kelly and Ryan interview above. The story about the break-in starts around the 24:34 mark.