Recent reports about Kyrie Irving just seem to be getting worse—for Cavs fans, anyway. First, the star point guard allegedly calls for a trade. Just four days later, LeBron James wants to "beat Kyrie Irving's ass," at least according to Stephen A. Smith.

Now, the petty seems like it's turned up to a hundred thousand trillion. Irving appears to have now also stopped following his star teammate on Instagram. Here's the evidence:

This, of course, assumes he was following LeBron in the first place (we need an earlier screenshot!) However, if there's one thing that could/should make Cavs fans feel slightly better about all these nearly simultaneous developments, it's that LeBron denied a pair of reports on Tuesday, both from Slam!, that stated he was unhappy with Irving:

James is also still following Kyrie on IG. Still, according to Twitter, Kyrie's apparent unfollow can only mean one thing:

What a difference a month can make.

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