Utah man Kalen Gilleese doesn't like LeBron James. As a "big fan of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls," he probably cannot open up his heart to a player who is constantly being compared to His Airness. When asked about the Cleveland Cavaliers star forward, Gilleese told CNN"He's always flopping, crying, looking for fouls. I've never had a lot of respect for him." So why did he recently get a tattoo of a crying LeBron on his leg? 

People are understandably questioning the logic behind Gilleese's decision.

Gilleese admits that the tattoo, which took three hours to complete, makes him happy, and brings joy to everyone around him. "Every time I look at it I laugh, and I like to show it and make people smile," he said. It's just the beginning of his plan to complete a sleeve consisting of other legendary athletes, such as Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky and, eventually, Jordan. 

While Gilleese will concede that LeBron deserves to be in the company of those legends, that's about as far as he's willing to go. "LeBron is definitely a legend, but he's the biggest crybaby legend of all time," he added. 

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