This summer Patty Mills has a major decision to make. Not only is it a basketball decision, it will be a life decision for him.

Mills has played the majority of his NBA career in San Antonio, a franchise that is lauded for its professionalism, continuity and culture. Mills’ decision basically comes down to whether he values that over a big pay day.

It is important to remember that Mills hasn’t previously been on a big contract – his most recent contract was just $13 million over four years – and at 28, this is likely to be the only sizable contract Mills receives during his NBA career.

There’s no doubt that the league has noticed Mills’ performances on the biggest of stages, whether it be the NBA Finals with the Spurs or at the Olympics where he is Australia’s leading offensive threat, and there will be no shortage of options for him this summer.

But not every team has infinite cap space and the perfect situation for Mills to slide into. Here are the five places that Mills could end up next season.