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Like most kids his age, Lonzo Ball likes rap music. He likes rap music so much that he dropped a freestyle over Drake’s "Free Smoke" recently. There’s even a chance that he’s going to continue to pursue a rap career once he enters the NBA in June. But does he really know rap music?

That question came under heavy debate on Tuesday night after someone dug up an old tweet that Ball put up listing his top five rappers of all time. Ball posted his list back in May 2016. It featured Lil Wayne, Future, DMX, 50 Cent, and 2Pac on it.

Now, everyone is entitled to their own top 5 list. It’s part of what makes all the debates that take place over top 5 lists so much fun. But pretty much everything Ball says and does at this point creates some level of controversy, so of course, there were plenty of people who were outraged with his list.

Some people questioned why Future was on it:

Others wondered why 2Pac was so low on it:

And there were a whole lot of people who suggested other names that they believed should have appeared on the list:

But mostly, people just clowned Ball’s list with one meme after another to show their disapproval of it:

For what it’s worth, Ball is, at the very least, consistent with his top 5 list. In March, he made an appearance on Chris Broussard’s In the Zone podcast and provided the same exact list when he was asked to name his top 5 rappers of all time. You can hear him talk about it at the 2-minute mark here:

Ball also released his list of his top 5 rappers "rn" one day before dropping his top 5 rappers of all time list. You can check that out here:

We don’t know if we would necessarily agree with either of Ball’s lists. But he is 19. So are people really that surprised to see some of the names on them?