We’ve been told by Michael Smith and Jemele Hill that numbers never lie.

The truth is, sometimes they lie.

A lot of what sports is cannot be quantified by statistics. Becoming a legend is proof positive of this: One big moment, ad campaign from Nike, or playing on a talented team can elevate you to the status of certified legend. Look at David Tyree. The guy never had more than 211 receiving yards in a season, and he’s one of the most beloved players in Giants history thanks to one catch. He’ll be on Super Bowl highlight reels for the next 100 years. The opposite is true of Bill Buckner, who amassed over 2,700 hits and a batting title in 21 big-league seasons—but is remembered for one bad play.

A lot of guys who are considered legends in their respective sports are not statistically accomplished. Some were great for a short period of time, but then were debilitated by injuries. Others had a bigger cultural impact than they did on the field. With that said, here are 13 legends with un-legendary stats.