The 2017 NBA Playoffs have already given us a handful of memorable post-game press conference moments, and on Tuesday night, Chris Paul added to that growing list.

Following the Clippers’ 96-92 loss to the Jazz, which resulted in Los Angeles falling behind Utah 3-2 in the series with Game 6 set to take place back in Salt Lake City, a reporter asked CP3 if he expects the series to go to a Game 7. The reporter was obviously trying to gauge CP3’s confidence in his team, but CP3 didn’t take too kindly to the way he phrased his question. He was actually in disbelief over it and couldn’t believe that the reporter even bothered to ask him it.

"What?!" Paul said, as several people at the press conference laughed. "What you think? I’m on the team. What you want me to say? 'Nah, it’s over'? I mean, that’s what you want to hear? Yes. Come on, man, you been doing this long enough. Seriously, right? I don’t know. Everybody in here laughing for a reason."

It’s hard to blame CP3 for being upset here. As we mentioned, his team had just lost a pivotal Game 5 matchup to once again lose home-court advantage in the series (the Clippers also lost Game 1 at home before rebounding to win Game 3 in Utah). And while the reporter didn’t necessarily ask the most egregious question in the world, he certainly could have and should have come up with a better way to ask it.

Check out the clip above to hear CP3 go off on the guy for asking his question.