Speaking from firsthand experience, not growing up to the height of your dad kind of sucks. That's probably true whether he's five or seven feet tall. After all, it's good to re-establish the pecking order at some point.

On that subject, enter Romeo Miller, who spoke to Slam for a piece that was published today and, in the process, uttered something that sounds like it'd be more apt to come out of the mouth of LaVar Ball than, well, anybody else at this point. 

That's because Romeo told the publication that if he could have ended up as tall as his dad, he'd be dropping triple-doubles instead of mixtapes because he could've been one of the greatest players to ever take the court. "If I was in my dad's body, 6-4, I'd be the LeBron of this day," he said, probably joking a little from the sound of it.

Slam made sure to provide a lot of context by talking about Miller's admittedly impressive (at least to the average guy off the street, if not to an all-time NBA great) playing career. As a sophomore in high school he topped James Harden in a three-point contest, put up impressive high school numbers, took part in leading his team to a pair of AAU national titles, and committed to USC, though that was probably more because they wanted DeMar DeRozan.

Overlooking the fact that there already is a LeBron of this day, it seems unlikely that the man formerly known as Lil' Romeo (who isn't really "lil" at 5'11") would've backed that bold statement up. He also said that when it comes to rapper ballers he's the best of the bunch, "Oh that's me, come on, man. That's not even a question. This what I really do," he said.

That...okay, that actually seems pretty plausible.

Anyway, for some reason, it seems as good a time as any to plug this.