Every baller wants to be a rapper and every rapper wants to be a baller. It’s a saying that’s actually true—the only thing more rampant than basketball references in the rap game are the guest features on More Life.

But can any of these MCs actually ball? And who's the best out of the bunch? 

If you've been paying attention, you know a number of rappers actually can play. Since we're ballin' like March Madness, we've identified 16 of them to coincide with the start of the Sweet 16. As the NCAA Tournament rolls into its second weekend, we thought it would be fun to mythically match these prominent baller-rappers up in a bracket format and see who comes out on top. 

Just like the NCAA Tournament selection committee, we had to make tough decisions as to who made the field and who wasn't worthy. Bubbles were burst, but we feel confident that we identified 16 high-profile rappers who at various points in their life have balled at a level that warrants acknowledgment. Or at least, in the case of the lower seeds, we've seen enough of them on a court to know what kind of game they're bringing. So take a look at the eight matchups, vote, and move them along to the next round. In the end, we'll crown a new champion of the rap game who will break your ankles, knock down a J, and stunt with a triple-double Russ face.