Michael "BigMike" Straumietis, CEO of Advanced Nutrients, announced in a press conference last night that his million-dollar Super Bowl party has been canceled. Amid concerns from his Skyline Drive neighbors, the city of Los Angeles issued a stop-work order on the lavish event set to be held in his home, which he refers to as the "Marijuana Mansion." Now, Straumietis may be looking to take legal action over the matter. 

"Due to the actions of the LAPD and City Council, BigMike's Super Bowl Party has been canceled," Straumietis said, per The Hollywood Reporter. "Expect legal action on our part and the formation of a new non profit to support political candidates who best reflect our community." While this isn't the first time BigMike has held a party at his home, NBC4 in Los Angeles is reporting that previous get-togethers have left a sour taste in the mouths of residents in the vicinity. "Anybody can have a party," one neighbor told NBC4. "But hundreds and hundreds of strangers? And you advertise it on social media?"

During a party last summer, BigMike held a party which drew more than 500 guests, caused traffic congestion in the neighborhood, and resulted in "mounds of trash in streets, sidewalks and yards." In his press conference, Straumietis maintains that the city of Los Angeles is using his neighbors as "scapegoats" to punish him over his involvement in the marijuana industry. "This has nothing to do with trash or traffic," he said. "Clearly, my neighbors are being used as scapegoats by high-ranking officials in the city of Los Angeles."

In addition to shelling out over $1 million on the Super Bowl Party, BigMike held a contest where he awarded four random people following his Instagram account with a free plane trip, and a hotel stay to attend the party, as well as $1,000 in cash.

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