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The largest deficit that a team has come back from in Super Bowl history is 10 points. With the Atlanta Falcons holding a 14-0 lead in the second quarter, the New England Patriots were facing some pretty tough odds. Then, Tom Brady was picked off by Falcons cornerback Robert Alford and returned for an 82-yard touchdown, putting the Pats in an even bigger hole.

The Patriots were able to get some points on the board before halftime with a field goal, cutting the deficit to 21-3.

Once the Falcons reached 21-point mark, Twitter came through with the obligatory 21 Savage references.

Others couldn't wait until the end of the game to break out the Michael Jordan crying meme.

Some are reminding us the real score of this game.

Given Tom Brady's relationship with President Donald Trump, Twitter users are thinking its MAGA vs. the rest of us. There's a whole another half left to see how accurate or off his prediction is.

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