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Conor McGregor actually did Jose Aldo a big favor back in November when he beat Eddie Alvarez to become the UFC lightweight champion. The UFC wouldn’t let McGregor keep both the lightweight and featherweight belts, so they stripped him of the featherweight one and made Aldo the champion of the division. They also set up a match between Aldo and Max Holloway to determine who will officially take the belt off McGregor’s hands. It’s a belt that Aldo had in his possession from 2010 through 2015—nearly 1,900 days—before McGregor did this to him:

But despite the favor, you are not going to hear Aldo thank McGregor for giving him the chance to win the belt back anytime soon. Aldo spoke with Omnisport this week, and he ripped into McGregor during his interview. He started off by talking about McGregor’s proposed fight with Floyd Mayweather and shooting down the idea of it ever taking place.

"It will never happen," Aldo said. "This will only happen if the UFC wants it to. It could be against Mayweather or anyone else. If a fighter has a contract with the UFC, nobody can go over the UFC."

Aldo then discussed how he believes that no one outside of Ireland actually likes McGregor.

"McGregor’s reputation is already bruised," Aldo said. "The only ones who like him are the Irish people. No one else. If you ask in Brazil or in any other country, nobody cheers for him, no one considers him a champion. They always consider him a piece of shit."

And he finished by accusing McGregor of ducking and dodging a rematch with him.

"There have been some proposals for us to fight again," he said. "The UFC has already tried to get us to do the rematch, but he never wanted to. My life does not revolve around him."

After hearing what McGregor said about the Kardashians on Wednesday, it’s pretty difficult to ride for him too hard or to disagree with Aldo’s "piece of shit" assessment of him.

But is Aldo serious when he says his life "does not revolve around" McGregor? Aldo was one of the first people to take aim at McGregor after he lost to Nate Diaz in March 2016, and he’s still throwing shots in his direction even though he’s probably never going to get the chance to fight him again. So it sure sounds like Aldo’s life revolves around McGregor’s right now, doesn’t it?