As expected, the Conor McGregor/Nate Diaz fight at UFC 196 didn't last long. But it didn’t end the way most people thought it would.

After accepting the fight against McGregor less than two weeks ago, Diaz forced McGregor to submit in the second round of the fight. Diaz landed a series of solid shots in the second round that left McGregor looking visibly dazed, and he eventually locked McGregor into a rear naked choke with less than a minute to go in the round and forced him to tap out. It was the same rear naked choke that Miesha Tate used to shock Holly Holm right before the start of the McGregor/Diaz fight.

You can watch the end of the McGregor/Diaz fight in the clip above. You can also watch McGregor's reaction to the loss below:

What a night.

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