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This past weekend, while he was in Los Angeles celebrating his 40th birthday with Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, and other famous people, Floyd Mayweather's Las Vegas home was broken into, according to TMZ Sports. Given Mayweather's constant boasts about his wealth, his flashy Instagram page, and his nickname, this was something that appeared like it was bound to happen, at least eventually. That's not to "blame the victim," as people on the internet have grown oh so fond of saying; it's just to say that it's something we all sort of saw coming given the current state of f*ckery that goes down.

The thief/thieves reportedly got away with $150,000+ of stuff from Mayweather's residence, which is reportedly in a gated community (whom we assume is talking to their security at this very moment) next to a golf course. According to sources within law enforcement who spoke to TMZ, a door in the back of the house was forced open, and several purses were taken by the burglar(s).

In addition to those missing purses, an expensive watch is also yet to be accounted for. There are also other belongings of Mayweather's that could be missing. Cops have advised the currently-retired boxer to take an inventory of his most valuable possessions, which is a task that could take a while.

While it should go without saying that it's not cool to force your way into someone's home while they're not there, if he ever does get around to fighting McGregor, he should make that $150,000 back in about four seconds.