Here's your goal of the year for 2017. Oh, what's that, you say? The year is not even three freaking days old yet?


Okay, you got me there. But check it out anyway, dude—you already clicked.

Every once in a while soccer players have a five-second sequence that briefly makes you forget the other 89 minutes and 55 seconds (plus an unclear amount of extra time) that the game goes on for. One such sequence occurred on Tuesday evening when Crystal Palace's Wilfried Zaha hit a game tying goal against Swansea City in the contest's 83rd minute that caused him to briefly be cared about on a Tuesday night across the Atlantic. As you can see, social media fandom can't be restrained by an ocean (unless these people are tweeting from Europe, which it looks like they are, in which case those last two sentences are still true, but not at all relevant):

Also here was Zaha's response:

It's worth noting that Zaha's team, Crystal Palace, lost the game 2-1, so all this goal really did was buy their fans about five minutes of respite from the very realistic fear of being relegated.

Looked cool though, right? Take what you can get.