When Lyft asked Odell Beckham Jr. to go undercover for their latest "Undercover Lyft" segment, he didn’t do very much to disguise himself. A Nike sweatsuit, OBJ? That was the best disguise you could come up with?!


Fortunately, though, he brought along the only thing he really needed to throw people off—a winter hat to hide the hair that has helped make him famous as well as a pair of sunglasses to cover his eyes so that he wouldn’t have to look at passengers while he was lying right to their faces.

Granted, he didn’t do a whole lot to cover up his voice to throw people off, and he spent quite a bit of time talking about OBJ to other people. "Do you want to do dancing or do you want to play football?" he asked one Lyft passenger rhetorically while offering up criticisms of himself. "Like, which one is it?"

But he didn’t go too far, and he even had his mom (or at least someone we think was his mom) call him up during each trip to really sell the fact that he wasn’t OBJ. It appears as though it worked, too, because just about all of the passengers flipped out once he took off his hat and revealed who he really was.

You can check out OBJ in action in the clip above. After all of the talk about Odell hanging out on boats and partying with Bieber this week, it’s nice to see him making headlines for something else for a change. Now maybe he can get back to making them for playing football next?