You didn't think that brawls in the stands of sporting events only occurred at football games, right? Following a basketball game in Ohio between Lexington High School and Wooster High School, what appears to be an argument between two people in the visitor's stands led to a huge brawl with parents and students exchanging blows.

At first, it looks like your run-of-the-mill dispute between two sides in the stands with one guy standing nearby as he tries to play peacemaker with the zero success rate "hand passively in the air" technique. Once the first punch is thrown, all hell breaks loose. According to the Mansfield News Journal, the Lexington Police Department requested for backup once the melee got underway. As you can see in the above video, some people were trying to get individuals separated from one another while others, including a student in a Letterman jacket, got involved. 

From another vantage point, you can see how crazy this brawl turned out to be. Early in the clip, a grapple turned into some individuals falling down a couple flights in the stands. Lexington police told the Mansfield News Journal that only minor injuries were suffered from the melee and no one required any medical treatment. 

Possibly the most shocking thing about these two videos is the absence of someone shouting, "Worldstar!" as this was all going down. 

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