Not only did the New York Jets lose to the Miami Dolphins, 34-13, at home on Saturday, but one Jets fan caught an L in the MetLife Stadium parking lot. Following the lopsided contest, a Jets fan, hiding his allegiance to the team (which has probably become the norm at this point for the 4-10 club) started walking towards another person, who was wearing a red jacket.

As the two inched closer and closer, a spectator gave the most half-hearted "Worldstar" shout you will ever hear. Right before the first punch is thrown, someone in what appears to be a security jacket calmly drives by as if nothing is about to go down. With the fight just getting underway, two Jets fans closely walk by the action, as if they were wishing they could get involved and unleash the type of frustration that comes with cheering on a team with the fifth-worst record in the NFL. 

Another person jumps in to possibly break up the fight, but when he starts getting haymakers thrown in his direction, dude comes to his senses and realizes that it isn't worth trying to get involved. As if he was tagged in, another guy wearing a Jarvis Landry jersey jumps into the fight and starts tagging the Jets fan with some punches. While this is all going down, the person possibly recording it all is serving as a trainer, shouting out instructions.  

Just another week in NFL fan fights. 

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