Remember that clip of an iguana bravely outrunning a pack of scary snakes that aired on BBC's Planet Earth in November? So. Crazy. But somehow, someone on Reddit managed to make it even crazier by taking that video and syncing it up with an NFL Films interview that Marshawn Lynch did about his now-legendary Beast Mode run against the Saints. And it's almost as if that run took place solely so that it could one day be used for the purposes of syncing it up with a video of an iguana running away from a bunch of snakes. From the commentary that was made during the Saints/Seahawks game to the moves that the iguana made while it was running away from the snakes, it matches up almost perfectly.

In the clip above, you'll hear Lynch walk you through every single step of the run that he made that caused a small earthquake to take place in Seattle. From the play call that was made in the huddle to what he saw when he took the football, he goes into great detail in his explanation, which is kind of strange in and of itself when you think about how short he usually is with the media these days. But we're sure glad he went into that detail because it tells the story of the iguana being chased and breaking tackles made by the snakes.

If you want to see how the iguana matches up against Lynch, you can take a look at the run that inspired the video above in this clip:

Who did it better?