As Leonardo DiCaprio reminded us with his award-winning climate change documentary Before the Flood, our planet is pretty fucking great. We routinely take for granted undeniably cool creatures like bears, dogs, chimpanzees, elephants, and even your pet gerbil named Ryan Seacrest to whom you've given very little attention. But mostly dogs. Now that BBC's Planet Earth sequel is in full swing, we are once again forced to try really fucking hard to appreciate snakes just as much as every other creature, despite their lack of both appendages and charm.

Though the David Attenborough-narrated Planet Earth II won't be hitting the U.S. with a proper TV airing until next year, anti-TV cool people have already flooded the internet with this harrowing clip of a tiny iguana trying desperately to escape a bunch of fucking RACER SNAKES. The end of the clip is, well, I won't spoil it in explicit terms here but HOLY FUCK LOOK AT THAT TIGHTLY WOUND SNAKE-BALL​:

Fittingly, this disturbing act of nature has everyone struggling to find new and clever ways to freak the hell out:

Thankfully I had no plans of sleeping or otherwise subsisting with a relatively calm demeanor this evening. Another victory for snakes, another L for me.