Imagine wearing being a kid shooting hoops at your neighborhood streetball court while wearing a t-shirt that has your favorite NBA player on it. Suddenly, the player on your t-shirt unexpectedly shows up out of nowhere to greet you. You'd probably be floored by the experience.

That's exactly what happened to this lucky kid in Houston when he met Spurs five-time All-Star center LaMarcus Aldridge for the first time on Tuesday afternoon.

The Spurs were in Houston for a Tuesday night matchup against the Rockets. Before the game, Aldridge happened to randomly spot a small group of kids on a local Houston outdoor court and saw one of them with sporting a Spurs t-shirt with Aldridge's number on the back. So, like most lovable pro athletes do, Aldridge walked up to the kids and said "I got next." 

One of the kids immediately gave him dap, and the other kid rocking the Aldridge t-shirt was with his dad, who was also psyched to see the Spurs star player. The kids seemed calm, but undoubtedly wanted to jump out of their skin.

The kid's father took a pic of his son rocking the "21" t-shirt with Aldridge, and made the kid's dream come true.