Ahead of his performance during halftime of the Atlanta Hawks' game against the Detroit Pistons at the Philips Arena on Dec. 30, 2 Chainz faced off against Dominique Wilkins in a three-point shootout earlier today.

In the past, there has been a lot of talk about 2 Chainz's basketball skills. In a recent interview with Mid-Major Madness, his former Alabama State coach, Clayton Harris, raved about the man formerly known as Tauheed Epps. Harris claimed that his game reminded him of George "The Iceman" Gervin. 2 Chainz's North Clayton High head coach, James Gwyn, once told ESPN, "He was like Reggie Lewis from Boston or Reggie Miller—definitely Reggie Miller in terms of the cockiness on the court. He could shoot the 3, he could go inside." On Tuesday, we all got to see if 2 Chainz could shoot the three against Wilkins, who shot 31.9 percent from downtown in his 16-year career.

After opting to go first, 2 Chainz struggled to find his shot on all three racks, sinking just four attempts and one money ball for a total of six points. On the first two racks, 'Nique surpassed the Atlanta MC, scoring seven points before failing to hit another shot. Unable to accept defeat, 2 Chainz convinced Wilkins to run it back one more time. When it was all said and done, Wilkins easily defeated 2 Chainz (again), 9-5.  

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