The Trail Blazers went into Milwaukee on Wednesday night and lost to the Bucks 115-107, which, okay, isn't exactly a big deal. It's just another regular-season game in December. But one notable thing did happen to Damian Lillard during the game—and it had absolutely nothing to do with any of the plays he made while scoring 30 points, grabbing 7 rebounds, and dishing out 6 assists.

As Lillard shot a pair of free throws during the game, a group of Bucks fans who were situated behind Portland's basket inside the BMO Harris Bradley Center started heckling him by chanting "SoundCloud rapper!" in his direction in an apparent effort to disparage his side career as he tried to sink his shots. Despite the fact that Lillard is easily the best basketball player/rapper in the NBA right now—and arguably ever—the Bucks fans didn't let it stop them from trying to get inside Lillard's head:

They were largely unsuccessful. Lillard made his free throws. And the Bucks fans also sounded silly, because while it's true that Lillard has released a number of songs on SoundCloud, his debut album The Letter O is actually available for purchase on iTunes and is on Spotify as well. So SoundCloud rapper? Hardly.

It's why Lillard didn't seem too bent out of shape when he responded to the fans who chanted "SoundCloud rapper!" on Twitter on Thursday morning:

Lillard also told one inquiring fan that he was completely unaware of the chants in real-time:

Good effort, Bucks fans, but you're going to need to do more than this to throw Lillard off his game.