One of the worst feelings is losing an argument against someone on social media due to lack of fact checking after initially trolling them. It's an even more humbling when taking the L from a public figure that you didn't think would respond to your senseless tweets.

Here we have a prime example of this type of case between Dallas Cowboys defensive end Benson Mayowa and a random Twitter user named @Benny_b0y10. This will hopefully prompt you to be as diligent if you plan to @ people with well-researched information and prevent getting royally sonned. If not, well, that's at your own risk of looking really stupid for all of your own and the other person(s) followers to see in their feed.

Mayowa tweeted his pride about the Cowboys boasting their league-best 11-1 record on Friday.

That caused @Benny_b0y10, an apparent diehard Seahawks fan according to his profile name, to reply with the tweet "Band Wagon [sic]."

Mayowa struck back at the troll by giving him a verbal dunce cap for not doing his research before @-ing him...

...And the backtracking from the troll began thereafter.

This exchange was found and put on front street by CBS Sports on their IG account earlier today with the text that reads "WHEN TROLLING GOES AWRY" in all caps, along with the caption, "Gotta know that roster, son" and the hashtag #Cowboys.

We are living in the Information Age where we have access to things we want and need to know within a click and a drag of our computer's mouse and fingertips. Use the internet wisely, folks, or else could be a potential threat to yourself.

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