The Jets (3-9) play against the 49ers (1-11) at Levi's Stadium this Sunday, which will be the first time the two teams have gone head-to-head since the 2012 season. Brandon Marshall wasn't on the last Jets squad to match up against the Niners. The last time the six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver played against San Francisco was in Week 2 of the 2014 season, when he was a member of the Bears. But according to Marshall, he can't recall  anything about that game because he was too sedated from his pain medication.

Early in the 2014 season, Marshall was nursing an ankle injury that was supposed to keep him sidelined for four to six weeks, but he came back to play after a mere 10 days. As Marshall told a bunch of Bay Area reporters on Wednesday, that explains about his inability to remember details his performance of that Bears-49ers game:

"I don’t really remember much about that game because I worked really hard to get back from a high ankle (injury). I’ll say it. I took a couple pain pills that masked the pain. I really wasn’t supposed to play. I came back from a high ankle within 10 days. I was supposed to be out four to six weeks. I don’t remember much from that game. I just remember catching those balls. And that was pretty much it."

Despite being zonked out, Marshall completed that contest with five receptions, 48 yards, and three touchdowns. On top of that, the Bears beat the Niners at home 28-20 after trailing most of the game, in the first home game played at Levi's Stadium.

When asked about medical marijuana as a pain medication alternative, Marshall said he's open to the prospects after he does some investigating.

"That is something I actually want to research more this offseason when I have time,” he elaborated. “I’m not a guy that knows about the benefits of what it can do for pain and other things. But I would like to hear others’ opinions and really research the effects it can have on us, the positive and negative.”