Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh had two very different post-game press conferences following Ohio State-Michigan, which you’d expect considering one of those teams had to lose an incredibly hard-fought, competitive game.

While Harbaugh was heated at some controversial officiating, Meyer breathed a big sigh of relief. In a light-hearted moment during his presser, Meyer took a call from his wife.

“That’s my wife,” Meyer said as he took the call.

“She said, ‘bring a gallon of milk home on the way home,’" he explained to the media.

Oddly enough, milk has been a focal point in the rivalry this week. Harbaugh is a known proponent of milk. Last year, a child asked him how much milk he’d need to drink to become a quarterback, and the coach responded: “Drink as much milk as your little belly can hold at all times. Could be chocolate milk, could be 2%, but the ideal is the whole milk…as much as your little belly can hold."

Harbaugh appeared on The Dan Patrick Show this week to promote Fairlife Milk, and he and Patrick had this hilarious exchange when Patrick told him Meyer drinks one percent milk:

Oh, and as for Harbaugh’s partnership with Fairlife? The commercial is amazing. Check it out below.

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