Michigan and Ohio State took part in the college football game of the year Saturday. The rivals are both having outstanding seasons, and their matchup captivated the sports world.

Given all the momentum swings and hype, it seemed a foregone conclusion that the game would not end without controversy—and that someone would end up blaming the refs. Unfortunately for Michigan, they came out on the losing end, 30-27 in double OT.

And, yes, there was controversy.

Most specifically, Ohio State was granted a first down after going for it on fourth-and-1 when it appeared quarterback J.T. Barrett may have actually come up short. It was a close call; he was granted forward progress past the sticks. Many disagreed with the call, which gave Ohio State new life.

Jim Harbaugh was fuming when he arrived at his post-game press conference. He said he was bitterly disappointed in the officiating.

Harbaugh alluded to this moment in which he threw his headset, for which he was penalized.

Some people are saying the refs should be punished, but that seems a bit extreme and unlikely. Nonetheless, we can certainly all empathize with Harbaugh and the many crushed Michigan fans. It's a shame someone had to lose this game.

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