The NFL has been deemed by many fans—including LeBron James—to be more boring than ever due to its rule changes to minimize head-hunting and make games safer (changes that were in response to studies about the damage done by CTE). Many of the league's fans also believe that referees continue to spoil the fun during NFL games, and joke that it's acronym means "No Fun League."

Titans rookie wide receiver Tajae Sharpe is the latest victim of trigger happy refs who cast penalties on players for celebrations. Sharpe scored his first NFL touchdown on a 33-yard pass from Marcus Mariota during the third quarter of Sunday's game against the Packers. After Sharpe got into the end zone, he laid down and curled up in a fetal position to pretend like he had taken a nap. Apparently, that was a no-no to one of the officials, who subsequently hit Sharpe with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Between the constant penalties and the fact that NFL teams can't use their social media accounts to show their followers clips of big plays by their team, it's no wonder that the league's ratings are in decline. Maybe Sharpe's sleeping act was a reflection of the fans who are losing interest and sleeping during the games that have become less exciting.