Marshawn Lynch showed up in the Seahawks' locker room on Tuesday, but it wasn't for the reason that the Seahawks—and their 28th-ranked rushing offense—were probably hoping for. Sorry, Seattle, but it still sounds like Beast Mode is happy being retired, so he wasn't there to make a comeback.

Instead, Lynch was in town for the launch of former teammate Ricardo Lockette's charity. Lockette, as you may remember, was the wide receiver that Lynch stayed with in the hospital after he suffered a serious injury last season that ended his career. Lynch nearly killed Lockette via laughter by repeatedly calling a male nurse "Gaylord Focker."

As Lockette's dad told the Seattle Times:

"There was a male nurse," Earl Lockette Sr. said. "You remember the movie with the Fockers? Marshawn would call the male nurse that. I think it was Gaylord, right? He’d say, 'Hey, Gaylord!' He kept calling him that, and we didn’t know what he was talking about. He was like, 'You know, Gaylord Focker!' The male nurse was even laughing. He lifted everybody’s spirits. He made us forget the situation we were in. He would not leave until after Ricardo’s surgery, and we just thought it was beautiful for him to do that."

Anyway, according to writer Gregg Bell of The News Tribune, Lynch was fully clad in Seahawks gear during his locker room visit, which is interesting because Bell says Lynch rarely, if ever, wore Seahawks gear in the locker room when he was actually on the team. Lynch also did something else that he rarely did during his time in Seattle when he actually spoke with Bell after the reporter asked him a question. Granted, the only thing Lynch did was say, "Smooth," when Bell asked him how he's been doing, but still, that's one more word than he said during most interviews last season!

Now, given all these circumstances, it's only natural that some fans are speculating about the possibility of a return to Seattle for Lynch. The Seahawks could sure use him. But Lynch still seems to be sticking to the same script he used during a 60 Minutes interview earlier this year:

Doesn't seem like a Brett Favre situation.