The Minnesota Vikings came roaring out of the tunnel Sunday afternoon, and while doing so, inadvertently truck-sticked an old man, who was then almost trampled to death like a certain cartoon lion who stopped preaching the virtues of the Circle of Life when it was his ass in peril. As you can see in the brief clip, which is simultaneously entertaining and painful to watch, the unnamed man catches a face full of defensive tackle Linval Joseph. Joseph is listed on the Vikings website as weighing 329 lbs.

If the whiplash, bruising, and probable concussion weren't a bad enough punishment for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, the moment also happened to be captured on a Vine with 1.4 million loops as of this writing (and probably hundreds of thousands more since then). That led to the inevitable, which of course means the internet was understanding and benevolent to the unfortunate soul laughed at the poor bastard for re-tweets:

Also, in case you're wondering:

The Vikings won 30-24.