Eric Dickerson's name is synonymous with the Los Angeles Rams. When Dickerson set the NFL record for rushing yards in a season with 2,105, he accomplished the feat in 1984 in a Rams jersey. When Dickerson was named NFL Offensive Player of the Year in 1986, he did it in a Rams jersey. When the organization held their groundbreaking ceremony for the team's future home in Inglewood, California, Dickerson was in attendanceWith his name is so entrenched in the franchise's history, it's undeniable that any criticisms he may have about the current team come from a good place. 

The Rams, however, don't see it that way. During The Eric Dickerson Show on AM 570 LA Sports on Monday, the 1999 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee ripped the organization for banning him from home games going forward. "Someone from upper management called me, and said I make the players feel uncomfortable about some of the stuff I have said on the radio, and they don't want me on the sidelines," Dickerson said. "Basically, they don't want me at any of the games." 

"Look, I love my football team, I want my team to win, and you got the nerve to call me and tell me that crap," Dickerson said. "These are grown men!" Dickerson isn't some beat reporter or random NFL media member. He wants more than anything to see the Rams succeed. The organization and their players should get less in their feelings, and focus instead on trying to prove everyone wrong. 

Listen to Dickerson's rant below.

Rams executive vice president of football operations and chief operating officer, Kevin Demoff, says there must have been some miscommunication which led Dickerson into believing that he was no longer allowed to roam the sidelines of the team's home games.  

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