After the Cowboys beat the Ravens on Sunday afternoon, Dallas rookie cornerback Anthony Brown told reporters that he had a lot of respect for Baltimore wide receiver Steve Smithuntil he actually played against him. According to Brown, he didn't have a pleasant first experience playing against the 16-year NFL veteran."I had respect for him before the game, but after the game, I have no respect for him anymore," Brown said following the Cowboys' 27-17 win over the Ravens."He's a real character, and I actually saw it for myself. I don't got nothing to say about Steve Smith."

Brown does have some things to say about Smith, though, and he wasn't afraid to say them. Specifically, Brown said Smith's incessant trash-talking left a bad taste in his mouth. "Coming into the game, they already told me what kind of player he was," Brown said about the receiver's reputation. "But until you see it for yourself, then you're just, 'Calm down,' but it's hard because he keeps yapping after every play. It's kind of hard."

In fairness to Smith, he had plenty to talk trash about on Sunday. The 37-year-old reeled in eight catches for 99 yards and also beat Brown for a fourth quarter touchdown grab. As if that wasn't a solid enough afternoon, he also became just the 14th player in league history to rack up 1,000 career receptions:

Smith is expected to retire after the season, which means he has little time left to piss off defensive backs who haven't met him yet. While the veteran wideout may have gotten under the skin of Brown, the Cowboys still won the game, which now gives them a franchise record nine consecutive wins. As for Smith's Ravens, the loss now puts their record at 5-5, which is still good for a tie for first in the putrid AFC North.

What do you think Smith is going to have to say once he hears what Brown said about him? Based on recent history, he's not going to let this slight slide.