UPDATED 11/15/16, 10:55 p.m. ET:

Mike Evans will not be kneeling during the national anthem before Buccaneers games anymore. On Tuesday morning, he issued a statement explaining why he decided to take a knee in the first place before revealing that he plans on standing during the anthem from now on. Here is his statement:

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Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans has become another player who refuses to stand up and pledge allegiance to the American flag during the National Anthem. Evans claims he is sitting because of the Trump's transition to power as the next president. 

After the Bears-Bucs game on Sunday, Evans explained his motive to sit:

"I don’t want to, you know, disrespect the veterans or anything. The men and women who serve this country, I’m forever indebted to them. But the things that’s been going on in America lately, I’m not going to stand for that. When Ashton Kutcher comes out and says we’ve been punked, then I’ll stand again. But I won’t stand anymore.”

“If this happens, then America’s not right right now. I said this a long time ago. When [Donald Trump] ran, I thought it was a joke, and the joke continues.

“I’m not a political person that much, but I got common sense. And I know when something’s not right."

Sunday was the Bucs' annual "Salute to Service" game following Veterans Day on Friday, and Evans explained that he means no disrespect to those who have served in the armed forces.

"I don't want to disrespect the veterans or anything," Evans explained. "The men and women that served this country—I'm forever indebted to them. But the things that have been going on in America lately, I'm not gonna stand for that."

Evans further explained his views on Trump. "It's not about the Republican party or the Democratic party or anything like that," he continued. "It's just who he is. It's well-documented what he's done. I'm not gonna stand for something I don't believe in. That's the end of that."